"Thank you so much for the fine work

you did on our lawn. We truly appreciate it." 

                                  -Joyce, Thayne, WY

Lawn Care Services


Weekly Mowing


Our weekly mowing includes mowing, trimming around buildings fences, and other objects in the lawn as well as blowing off clippings when finished. We use professional mowers and mulch the grass. We currently don't offer one time or bi-weekly mowing as we recommend weekly mowing to maintain the ideal health and appearance of your lawn. 


Price is based on lawn size but is generally 50-75.00 per week for an average sized lawn. Click Here to have a price for mowing emailed to you


5 Step Lawn Treatment Program


Our 5 step lawn treatment program includes


  • Spring Fertilizer

  • 2 Summer Fertilizations

  • Fall Fertilizer

  • Checking for and treating weeds with each fertilizer visit

  • Fall Rodent Repellent to help reduce winter damage 


If you sign up for this service after the season starts we will simply start with the appropriate treatment for the time of year and continue from there. 


Price is based on lawn size but is generally 95-197.00 per visit for an average sized lawn. Click Here to have a price for lawn treatments emailed to you


Fertilization and weed control 

We offer spring fertilizer, two summer applications as well as fall fertilizer. We can spray for weeds in the lawn at the same time we fertilize or spraying can be done as a stand-alone visit as well.


Click Here to have a price for fertilizer and or weed control emailed to you


Flower Bed Renovation 

Let us transform and refresh your flower beds. Whether you just need some weeds pulled or a complete renevation we can help.


Click Here to have flower bed prices emailed to you


Spring or fall Aerating

Aerating helps your lawn better absorb the fertilizer, breath better, and promote deeper root growth which will help withstand the hot dry weather of summer. We use a JR Hooker Aerator which works differently from a plugger aerator in that it does not leave the plugs after finished. Instead, it tends to break the dirt up as it lifts. 

Click Here to have aerating prices emailed to you

Fall Services 
  • Leaf Removal 

  • Rodent Repellent to help reduce the damage caused during the winter.


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